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I will:

  • First do no harm. Primum no nocere;
  • Practice the healing power of nature. vis medicatrix naturae;
  • Identify and treat the cause. tolle causam;
  • Treat the whole person. The multi factorial nature of health and disease;
  • Practice prevention. Prevention is the best "cure";
  • Not discriminate against clients or professionals based on race, religion, age, sex, handicaps, national ancestry, sexual orientation or economic conditions;
  • Promise to abide by all state and local laws;
  • Promise not to exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law;
  • Strive to be objective in the treatments of clients and performance of duties, recognizing the rights of all persons, and my limitations;
  • Distinguish clearly, in public between my statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of Naturopathy;
  • Encourage policy, procedures and personal practices which will enable others to conduct themselves in accordance with the values, goals and objectives of the American Naturopathic Medical Association;
  • Constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself to my chosen profession;