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Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare.

Naturopathic doctors are the general practitioners of natural medicine who deliver healthcare following these naturopathic principles:

  • Identify and treat the true cause of illness
  • Provide natural therapies and remedies that will heal and balance with the least amount of force, side effects and symptom suppression
  • Encourage the body's natural ability to heal itself
  • Teach healthy lifestyle choices in order to prevent disease
  • Individualize treatment to unify and balance physical, mental, and emotional well-being

You can expect healthcare that treats you in a way that no other conventional doctor has -- as a whole and unique person with your own individual health needs. Treatment plans take a global approach to address the root of your health concerns. Very often there is an associated cause for conditions that, at first, appear unrelated.

Naturopathic medicine encompasses many different therapeutic tools to provide you with a well-rounded and comprehensive treatment plan. Different treatments enhance each other when used together and having many tools available means that your treatment can change and adapt to your changing needs. Therefore ND's can fully maximize the benefits that you receive from your treatment.